Marketing Manager

Black Hills Federal Credit Union is seeking a Marketing Manager

General Purpose: Manage the organization's marketing operations and implement key marketing and branding strategies. Write business communications to support organizational initiatives and regulatory actions.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Manage BHFCUs in-house Marketing Team. Oversee marketing activities, including production of print and electronic advertisements, staff and member communications, social media and outreach content, and in-branch merchandising.

  2. Work closely with the eCommerce Manager to develop appropriate marketing for digital ads, targeted campaigns, and outreach initiatives. Work with the Business/Community Development Team to create awareness, increase business, and support community development functions.

  3. Provide marketing support for projects in other departments. Maintain communication with all CU departments and Member Service Centers regarding marketing efforts. Responsible for ensuring marketing efforts are in keeping with our brand and corporate identity, and content is accurate and consistent with the Credit Union's image.

  4. Write detailed business communications to support recommendations and research projects. Communications may include: in-depth proposals, regulatory communications, business plans, newsletter articles, blogs, formal letters, and reports for management, BHFCUs Board of Directors, the National Credit Union Administration, Congressional leaders, and others.

  5. Develop and maintain communication and functional workflows between the Marketing, eCommerce, and Business/Community Development teams. Perform appraisals, coaching and staff development to ensure BHFCU objectives are being met. Conduct all personnel functions in ac­cordance with applicable statutes (e.g., EEO, OSHA, Fair Labor, etc.).

  6. Develop and administer annual marketing plan and detailed budget to accomplish marketing objectives within our Field of Membership. Understand the diverse markets served by BHFCU and focus appropriate resources to support business and membership goals. Maintain control over departmental expenditures within budget.

  7. Assist VP Marketing/Business Development with respect to recommendations for hires, terminations, promotions, transfers, performance appraisals, training and development, and inter­pretation of credit union rules and policies for department personnel. Conduct all personnel functions in ac­cordance with applicable statutes (e.g., EEO, OSHA, Fair Labor, etc.).

  8. Maintain organizational structure established by the President/CEO. Organize staff personnel into effective, efficient work groups. Ensure that direct reports are granted proper authority and responsibility to carry out assigned functions. Review work systems to reduce duplication of effort and unnecessary work.

  9. Remain current on changes within the legal, regulatory, economic, competitive, and technology environments that may affect the marketing function. Ensure marketing materials comply with applicable federal and state regulations.

Other Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Assist in identifying and recommending solutions to problems and opportunities within the existing product line and/or service mix. Work with the eCommerce Manager and VP of Marketing and Business Development to effectively measure and analyze direct mail campaigns and marketing promotions. When appropriate, develop alternative methods for promoting the organization and its services.

  2. Periodically review member surveys to better understand member concerns and help guide appropriate marketing communications. Work with eCommerce Manager to gain and analyze competitive information and the potential impact on BHFCU products and services, especially in new markets.

  3. Perform specific and delegated duties as assigned by the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. Implement executive initiatives as directed by the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development or Executive Management Team.